pokemon platinum

If you have already played the previous Diamond and Pearl editions of Pokémon video game, you will find this new Platinum version quite interesting and enjoying. This game has been refined with great skills so that your experience while playing the game goes more intense. All the new games will feature some additional facilities and areas for player interests. In the similar fashion, the pokemon platinum has successfully incorporated fresh areas along with several changes which maintain its quality and serenity as the game. Only slight adjustments have been made in the game story with the same Pokémon’s elements. Rowan will offer you the first Pokémon and you can then move ahead to your adventurous journey amidst the landscape and beautiful spots of Sinnoh. Team Galactic is also there which makes your in-game affairs more interesting and enjoying.

When we talk about the replay ability of the pokemon platinum games, you will find that Distortion World and Battle Frontier have been added to keep the adventure. Pokedex will now show you sixty Pokemon that have been added in the latest version. The player has to travel with 6 Pokémon and must try to engage the wild Pokémon and other trainers in simple battles. Every character in your journey will be pleased to have four moves and you will have to target the fundamental weakness of the opponent. You can move ahead in the game with adding more Pokémon in the pokedex. It will be funny and challenging to select the most appropriate Pokémon.

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